Author Name:    PLATE, N.A. AND V.P. SHIBAEV


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Near Fine. ; TRANSLATED FROM RUSSIAN BY S.L. SCHNUR. - TRANSLATION EDITED BY J.M.G. COWIE. - MOLTLY BLUE COVERS. Series: Specialty Polymers; SMALL 4to ; 415 pages; Notes: Translation of: Grebneobraznye polimery i zhidkie kristally. Description: xi, 415 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm. Contents: 1 Structure of Comb-Shaped Polymers.- 1.1. Early Studies.- 1.2. The Amorphous State.- 1.3. The Crystalline State of Isotactic Poly(l-alkyl ethylene)s, Poly(l-alkyl ethylene oxide)s, and Poly(alkyl aldehyde)s.- 1.4. The Rotational-Crystalline State.- 1.4.1. Hexagonal Packing.- 1.4.2. d Spacings. Single- and Two-Layer Packing of the Side Chains.- 1.4.3. Heats of Fusion, Length of Crystallizab le Sequences of Units, and Convergence Temperature.- 1.5. Crystallization of Comb-Shaped Copolymers.- 1.6. Supermolecular Structure.- References.- 2 Molecular Mobility in Comb-Shaped Polymers.- 2.1. Effect of the Phase State on the Relaxation Properties.- 2.1.1. Polyethylene and Isotactic Poly(l-alkyl ethylene)s.- 2.1.2. Amorphous Comb-Shaped Polymers.- 2.1.3. Crystalline Comb-Shaped Polymers.- 2.1.4. Concluding Comments.- 2.2. Rheological Properties of Comb-Shaped Poly(alkyl acrylate)s and Poly(l-alkyl ethylene)s.- References.- 3 Comb-Shaped Macromolecules in Solutions and Intramolecular Interactions.- 3.1. Optical Anisotropy.- 3.2. Conformational State and Intramolecular Mobility.- 3.3. Unperturbed Dimensions of the Macromolecules.- 3.4. Gel Formation in Solutions of Comb-Shaped Polymers.- References.- 4 Thermotropic Liquid-Crystalline Polymers.- 4.1. General Information on the Formation and Structure of Low-Molecular-Weight Liquid Crystals.- 4.2. The Liquid-Crystalline State in Linear Polymers.- 4.3. Synthesis of Liquid-Crystalline Polymers with Mesogenic Side Groups and Some Features of the Formation of Mesophases.- 4.4. Comb-Shaped Liquid-Crystalli ne Polymers.- 4.5. Features of the Properties of Thermotropic Liquid-Crysta lline Polymers Correlated with Their Macromolecular Nature.- 4.6. Theory of the Liquid-Crystalline Ordering of Melts of Linear and Branched Macromolecules with Mesogenic Groups in the Main and Side Chains.- 4.7. Mechanisms of the Formation and Properties of the Smectic, Nematic, and Cholesteric Mesophases of Liquid-Crystalline Polymers with Mesogenic Side Groups.- 4.7.1. Smectic Mesophases.- Chemical Structure and Thermal Properties.- Structure of Smectic Mesophases.- SA Mesophases.- SB, SE, and SF Mesophases and Other Types of Structures with Translationally Ordered Groups in Layers.- SC Mesophases.- Some General Comments on the Structure of Smectic Polymers.- 4.7.2. Nematic Mesophase.- 4.7.3. Comparison of Some Properties of Smectic and Nematic Liquid-Crystalline Polymers.- Homopolymers.- The Order Parameter.- Rheological Properties.- Molecular Mobility in the Solid State.- Copolymers.- Copolymers of Mesogenic and Nonmesogenic Monomers.- Copolymers of Two Mesogenic Monomers.- 4.7.4. The Cholesteric Mesophase.- Optical Properties.- The Structure of Cholesteric Polymers.- 4.8. Behavior of Liquid-Crystalline Polymers in Electrical and Magnetic Fields.- 4.8.1. Orientational Effects.- The Concept of Electro- and Magnetooptical Effects in Low- Molecular -Weight Liquid Crystals..- Comb-Shaped Liquid-Crystalline Polymers.- The Fredericks Transition (S Effect).- Orientation in a Magnetic Field.- The "Guest-Host" Effect.- Optical Recording of Information (Thermal Addressing).- The Structural Transition Induced by an Electric Field.- 4.8.2. Electrohydrodynamic Effects.- 4.9. Behavior of Liquid-Crystalline Polymers with Mesogenic Side Groups in Dilute Solutions.- References.

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